Why Don’t Auto Manufacturers Buy Back Lemons?

There is case law that requires manufacturers to buy back your vehicle when it meets the lemon law criteria – even if you don’t ask them to.  The law recognizes that manufactures have the ability to know your vehicle qualifies before you may even know it. 

Yet most manufacturers will do everything in their power to avoid buying back your lemon. 

When they do begrudgingly agree to buy it back, they will do anything they can to pay you less than the law requires, to delay, and to make you sign a release with all kinds of extra legal provisions giving up rights.  They will stonewall you in the hopes that you will give up.

The lemon law does not require you to give up any rights. It requires manufacturers to promptly buy back your lemon, and take responsibility for it. Manufacturers may even be required to pay extra penalties for violating the law, if their contact is willful.

Furthermore, the lemon law provides for the payment of your legal fees. The legislature of each US state and the federal government have enacted these fee shifting provisions in lemon laws so that you will have a means to take on large automakers with their infinite resources when they violate the law.   

Remember that manufacturers are very familiar with the lemon law even if you are not, and they may document your case defensively once they realize they have exposure to legal liability.  This may be going on even while they are telling you they want to help you. 

If you have any questions about the lemon law, it is in your best interests to seek a fast, free, and confidential evaluation.  Our law firm offers this, as does many other lemon law firms in California. 

If you would like to speak to an attorney about a potential claim, contact us today. 

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