Lemon Law

Lemon laws were enacted to provide consumers with a low-risk means of holding automakers and other manufacturers accountable for faulty products. At Goldsmith West, justice and fairness for consumer rights are ingrained in our firm’s ethos. We passionately advocate for your rights under California or federal U.S. lemon laws — whichever option is best for your claim.

What to Expect for Your Case

Over 99% of the California and U.S. lemon law cases we accept result in settlement, which is often less stressful and faster than going to trial. However, when a manufacturer refuses to settle, we are well-equipped to pursue the case in court. Whichever avenue is taken, we provide detailed, honest communication every step of the way, until your case is complete, and you are compensated.

How We Handle Your Case

You are always in control of your case. After we complete a detailed analysis of your claim, we provide in-depth advice, discuss possible outcomes, and recommend the best legal process for achieving the desired outcome. How and when to pursue the outcome is always your choice.

Regardless of which process you choose, we craft a persuasive strategy to inform the manufacturer about the merits of your case and the manufacturer’s liability. After all parties meet for a settlement meeting, arbitration, mediation, or a court trial, your case is resolved, and you receive compensation. Under lemon law, the manufacturer pays your attorney fees. You never pay us out-of-pocket to pursue justice.

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The superior results of our team are a combination of our experience serving both defendants and plaintiffs in lemon law cases — first defendants, and now plaintiffs. We vigorously pursue every legitimate claim, always putting your wishes and best interest first.

For free, in-depth advice on how to file a lemon law claim in California, or how to file a U.S. lemon law claim at the federal level, please contact us to schedule a consultation. Our experienced attorneys will evaluate your case, advise you of your options, and pursue the compensation you deserve.