Company Overview

Many attorneys in Southern California handle lemon law cases and other consumer warranty claims. However, few, if any, combine our integrity and passion for justice with the inside edge we possess from previous experience handling lemon law cases for the defense.

Types of Cases We Accept

In addition to lemon law cases, we specialize in cases for product liability, employment law, and personal injury, as well as cases arising under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We are a multifaceted law firm that can skillfully represent you in more than one area of law.

What to Expect for Your Case

With our in-depth litigation background, we are well-positioned to take your case to court if you so desire. However, settlements are often less stressful, quicker, and more profitable for plaintiffs.

Over 99% of cases we handle end in settlement. This outstanding statistic is a direct result of our experience handling lemon law cases for both defendants and plaintiffs.

How We Handle Your Case

Although each case is unique, there are essential strategies that we apply to all cases.
First, we complete an exhaustive analysis of the strength of your claim, the gravity of your injuries (financial and otherwise) and all evidence pertaining to your case.

After we understand the situation and your wishes, we implement a strategy to pursue the compensation you deserve. Compensation can occur through a settlement, arbitration, mediation, or a trial. We advise you on which strategy is best for your case, and explain why.

We Are Here To Help

Many people are intimidated by the thought of confronting large manufacturers or retailers, even when these parties are clearly at fault. With our experienced legal team behind you, you can feel at ease. Our inside experience representing the defense in lemon cases provides the help you need to proceed with your case confidently.