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Lemon Law Information – Goldsmith West

When it comes to lemon law cases, knowledge is truly power. In our blog, we present lemon law information to educate you about lemon law topics and your rights under lemon law. For additional information, please visit our FAQ page, where you will find answers to a variety of commonly asked lemon law questions, or contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


Lemon Law Title Branded Vehicles: The Automotive Consumer Notification Act (ACNA)

What happens to lemon vehicles after they are legally considered lemons? When the manufacturer takes your vehicle back in a lemon law buyback or replacement, it will generally liquidate the remaining value in the car by selling it at auction. Does the next owner know the car is a lemon? The answer should be yes.… Read More »

Negative Equity in Lemon Law Cases

Lemon Law Buyback Information When you owe more in finance (whether for a purchase or lease) than your vehicle is worth, you are said to be “upside down.” Another way to describe this surplus debt is “negative equity.” Sometimes, negative equity is created at the time the new car is purchased or leased. This generally… Read More »

How Do Recalls Affect Lemon Law?

Auto Recalls and Lemon Vehicles We get many questions — and, understandably, some confusion — from potential clients regarding how recalls affect a lemon vehicle claim. Let’s examine the issue. First things first: What is a “recall”? In the context of vehicles, a recall is an initiative to remedy an anticipated problem, usually safety-related, before… Read More »

How Do You Calculate the Lemon Law Mileage Offset in a Lease?

Mileage Offset Lemon Law When we explain to our prospective and actual clients that the threshold remedy in a lemon law case is a “buyback”, we are often asked what the term “buyback” means. In most cases, the buyback process essentially consists of the following: You give the car back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer… Read More »

Troubling Automaker News Surrounding Big Manufacturers

We expect auto manufacturers to have customers’ best interest at heart — and In most cases, they do. However, as the following automaker news reports show, some auto manufacturers occasionally throw ethics aside and engage in practices that are simply unfair to consumers. Ferrari Odometer Roll Back A salesman at a Ferrari dealership claims he… Read More »

Federal Lemon Law: The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act

The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act is a United States federal law (15 U.S.C. § 2301 et seq.) that governs consumer product warranties. It can be thought of as the “federal lemon law.” Like most state lemon laws, the act provides for relief in the event that a product under warranty is not repaired within a reasonable… Read More »

Vehicle Lemon Law: How Many Repair Attempts Do I Need?

Generally speaking, most vehicle lemon law cases hinge on three specific elements: There must be a defect covered by warranty. The defect must create a substantial impairment of use, value, or safety. The defect must have been subject to a reasonable number of repair attempts. There is case law that says because vehicle lemon law… Read More »