Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon – Lemon Law Issues

lemon Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck

We have noticed a trend in potential lemon law issues in recent model year Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon trucks.  The current version of these mid-size pickup trucks was launched for model year 2015.

Many of these trucks have exhibited transmission problems, with the following descriptions:

Sluggish Hesitation
Will not downshift Losing ability to drive forward (reverse only)
Stuck in gear Transmission failure

There have also been other noted problems in these trucks, especially with the power steering, engine, fuel system and exhaust system, among others.  

Additionally, there have been Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and Recalls issued which affect these concerns, and prove that GM is aware of them.  

You may have lemon law rights if you have had as few as two complaints for these issues, or for any other problems.  

Those rights survive even if you no longer have the truck.  

If you think your truck may be a lemon, contact us today for a fast, free and confidential analysis.



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