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Lemon Law Information – Goldsmith West

When it comes to lemon law cases, knowledge is truly power. In our blog, we present lemon law information to educate you about lemon law topics and your rights under lemon law. For additional information, please visit our FAQ page, where you will find answers to a variety of commonly asked lemon law questions, or contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


Lemon Law Buyback Offers: Things to Watch Out For

Issue #1 – the lemon law does not require you to sign a release or settlement agreement. If Ford, General Motors, FCA, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Tesla or any manufacturer has offered to repurchase or replace your vehicle, there are a few lemon law related issues to keep in mind. Lemon law requires the… Read More »

Lemon Law Issues with 2013 and later Ford Escape

We have seen a variety of problems with 2013 and later model year Ford Escape model vehicles which have lead to lemon law claims.   Most of these involve problems with the engine and powertrain, including the following: Stalling Losing power while driving Check Engine Light Engine Failure Engine Fire Shuttering or bucking at idle… Read More »

CVT Transmission in Chevrolet Cruze? Not so fast.

Chevrolet was said to be considering retail distribution of a CVT (“Continuously Variable Transmission”) for the Cruze, but that news appears to be premature.   This may be a good idea.  We’ve noted here before in these posts that CVTs and as well as other replacements of the traditional hydraulic automatic transmission have been the source… Read More »

Stericycle Expert Solutions and Lemon Law

Stericycle Expert Solutions and Lemon Law If you’ve tried to negotiate a lemon buyback or with a car maker before filing a lawsuit, you may have encountered a company called Stericycle Expert Solutions ( a.k.a. “Stericycle”). What is Stericycle? Based on the “About Us” section of its website, Stericycle provides services to businesses in the… Read More »

Lemon Law Title Branded Vehicles: The Automotive Consumer Notification Act (ACNA)

What happens to lemon vehicles after they are legally considered lemons? When the manufacturer takes your vehicle back in a lemon law buyback or replacement, it will generally liquidate the remaining value in the car by selling it at auction. Does the next owner know the car is a lemon? The answer should be yes.… Read More »

Negative Equity in Lemon Law Cases

Lemon Law Buyback Information When you owe more in finance (whether for a purchase or lease) than your vehicle is worth, you are said to be “upside down.” Another way to describe this surplus debt is “negative equity.” Sometimes, negative equity is created at the time the new car is purchased or leased. This generally… Read More »

How Do Recalls Affect Lemon Law?

Auto Recalls and Lemon Vehicles We get many questions — and, understandably, some confusion — from potential clients regarding how recalls affect a lemon vehicle claim. Let’s examine the issue. First things first: What is a “recall”? In the context of vehicles, a recall is an initiative to remedy an anticipated problem, usually safety-related, before… Read More »

How Do You Calculate the Lemon Law Mileage Offset in a Lease?

Mileage Offset Lemon Law When we explain to our prospective and actual clients that the threshold remedy in a lemon law case is a “buyback”, we are often asked what the term “buyback” means. In most cases, the buyback process essentially consists of the following: You give the car back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer… Read More »